NCF Spain (Grupo de Enfermería Cristiana de España or GECE) has published a report of the 9th NCFI European Conference on their blog at  You can read an English translation below:


From 16 to 22 September the 9th NCFI European Regional Conference was held at Los Negrales (Madrid).

We were able to involve a large number of teachers, nurses and care managers from across the continent; There were delegations from Norway, Finland, Denmark, Wales, Scotland, England, France, Belgium, Albania, Armenia, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Czech Republic and of course Spain. Also attending the meeting were nurses from Nigeria, Egypt, Senegal, Brazil, Mongolia, Canada and the United States.

It was an intense but very good time. Not only did we learn about the history, the present and the future of nursing practice in whole person care based upon the Christian faith and heritage, but we could also relate to and meet nurses from many different places and share experiences, programs and projects with one another.

The meeting began with a pre-conference entitled "The Art and Science of Spiritual Care " directed by Dr. Tove Giske (Norway) and Rosa Lopez Posteguillo (Spain). This is an educational program designed to provide NCFI nurses, midwives and students with the knowledge and tools necessary for spiritual care.

On Sept. 18, the opening ceremony of the main conference itself was attended by the mayor and council of the municipality of Alpedrete and a large representation of different stakeholders and organizations collaborating in the conference, including FEREDE, CEM Foundation Fieldner, GBU and Mercy Ships.

The inaugural address was given by Dr. Carmen D. Medina Castilian (Spain) entitled "A Christian professional model" .

Every day we enjoyed a biblical exposition by Fernando Ramos (Spain) on the theme of “Believers in a Changing World " based in the Biblical book of Daniel and various plenaries that examined the past, present and future of comprehensive nursing care with exhibitions: "Where do we come from?” by Dr. Sonya Grypma (Canada), “Where are we now?” by Dr Barbara Parfitt (Scotland) and “Where are we going?” by Dr. Jacqueline Parkes (England).

Every evening we were able to access more than 20 seminars exploring many different issues with speakers of different nationalities.

We also made a tour to Madrid that gave us a moment of respite from such intense activity.

A Spanish evening in which we were able to show the culture and cuisine of our country are also welcome and really enjoyed by the people gathered there.

Finally on Sunday 21 the closing ceremony was led by the Rev. Dr Emmanuel Buch Cami with which we finished European Regional Meeting.

All presentations, lectures and seminars, both in Spanish and in English, will be published on this site in later editions so you can have the material that has been published and worked in this conference.