“Spirituality at the heart of my practice”

Dates: Thursday 24-09-2015 and Friday 25-09-2015

Venue: Diakonova University College in Oslo (Norway)

Cost: €40




  • Facilitate a meeting place for international students to develop self-awareness and reflect on the professional role
  • Exchange experiences with other international students
  • Meet international researchers conducting spirituality research
  • Gain an insight into the research being undertaken in spirituality and spiritual care



Thursday 24th September:

09.00: Registration

09.30: Welcome – Music Performance


Dr. Tove Giske, Haraldsplass Deaconess University College, Norway

Interactive session

11.30: Coffee Break


Associate Professor Kristina Berg Torskenæs & Assistant Professor Solrun Fjalsett  both Diakonova University College, Norway

13.00: LUNCH

14.00: ”View of Life -/Faith History Group”: trying out this tool

15.30: Coffee Break


Dr. Tiburtius Koslander, Åbo Akademi University, Finland

Interactive session

17.30: Closing


Friday 24th September:


Dr. Linda Ross,University of South Wales, UK & Professor Dr. Wilfred McSherry Staffordshire University, UK

Interactive session


12.30: LUNCH


Dr. Mykola Panchenko,Ukrainian

Interactive session

15.00: Coffee Break


Student led session

17.00: Closing remarks / Next conference announcement

17.30: Music Performance

See more on www.diakonova.no/spiritualcare.



We accept abstracts for posters and papers for the conference. Abstracts will be evaluated in relation to the purpose of the conference.

Abstracts must include name and institution, address and e-mail.

Write the learning outcome of your presentation and the theme or research project you will present; maximum 250 words.

Send abstracts to Tormod Kleiven – This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it - before June 1st 2015.


Questions? Send an e-mail to Tormod Kleiven –  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



This is a report on the NCFI European Conference published on the blog of the Christian Medical Fellowship of the British Isles:


A Christian vision for nursing – a report from the NCFI Europe conference

In September, 100 Christian nurses from 15 European nations, (and three non-European ones) gathered in Madrid to look at the Christian vision of whole person nursing. This was the Ninth European Regional Conference of Nurses Christian Fellowship International (NCFI)

Europe is a very diverse region, and we enjoyed sharing in each other’s national costumes, music, food, and learning about our different experiences as nurses. Northern, Southern and Eastern Europe each have very different challenges for both nurses and Christian believers. In the East it is the challenge (and the very real economic and practical cost) of acting as a Christian with integrity where bribery is often the only way to supplement poor wages. In the North, it is how to be distinctively and authentically Christian as a nurse when the wider secular nursing culture still works broadly to Christian values of compassion and integrity. In the South, it is hard to be an evangelical believer without being seen as part of a distrusted sect. Nurses are generally highly respected, autonomous professionals in the West, but often regarded as little more than medical ancillaries in the East. However, despite our diversity, we experienced a great sense of unity and fellowship.

We also enjoyed the challenges of working in two languages – English and Spanish. It is a challenge to work bi-linguallly, and it was not a smooth ride (especially for our two lovely, Godly, but overworked translators!), but well worth the effort. The small Spanish organising committee worked incredibly hard and with huge professionalism – ‘making bricks with straw’!

The Plenaries in English gave us a great overview of the history, current context and future challenges facing the profession, while the Spanish Bible Talks (by Fernando Ramos – a pastor and nephrology nurse from Bilbao) explored what the book of Daniel can teach us about the challenges of holding on to our faith in a non-Christian and changing cultural environment – the reality across Europe for all believers.

All the talks and papers (in English and Spanish) are being shared on the GECE (NCF Spain) blogemergencia vital.

Conference centre

A beautiful location for the conference

In addition to the national diversity we also saw a great spread of ages, from students in their late teens and early twenties to our oldest delegate who celebrated her 79th birthday during the conference! Having been at all nine NCFI European Regional Conferences, and it was a great privilege to have her with us to remind us of the need to connect with our history in order to understand our present and future (a theme that Sonya Grimpa of Trinity and Western University in Canada explored in her opening plenary). One challenge for NCFI is how we engage with this ‘Golden Generation’ in order to both support and encourage them, and also to share their learning, experience and wisdom with the upcoming generations.

The NCFI Next Generation was well-represented by over a dozen recently qualified and student nurses. This is a new ministry and network developing within NCFI. During the conference they had an international prayer meeting via Google Hangouts one afternoon, drawing in other junior nurses from across the globe.

Delegates networking

Delegates networking

The big challenge for NCFI-NG is that they are now growing from a group of five scattered across the globe to a wider group, not all of whom use English as a common language.

It is always a huge privilege to work with such a diversity of nurses, serving so faithfully in clinical practice and academia and from the most junior student to the most senior nurses in their field, but all owning one Lord and Saviour who unites us across barriers of language, culture, class and professional hierarchy!

NCF Spain (Grupo de Enfermería Cristiana de España or GECE) has published a report of the 9th NCFI European Conference on their blog at http://emergenciavital.wordpress.com/2014/09/29/ix-conferencia-regional-europea-de-ncfi/.  You can read an English translation below:


From 16 to 22 September the 9th NCFI European Regional Conference was held at Los Negrales (Madrid).

We were able to involve a large number of teachers, nurses and care managers from across the continent; There were delegations from Norway, Finland, Denmark, Wales, Scotland, England, France, Belgium, Albania, Armenia, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Czech Republic and of course Spain. Also attending the meeting were nurses from Nigeria, Egypt, Senegal, Brazil, Mongolia, Canada and the United States.

It was an intense but very good time. Not only did we learn about the history, the present and the future of nursing practice in whole person care based upon the Christian faith and heritage, but we could also relate to and meet nurses from many different places and share experiences, programs and projects with one another.

The meeting began with a pre-conference entitled "The Art and Science of Spiritual Care " directed by Dr. Tove Giske (Norway) and Rosa Lopez Posteguillo (Spain). This is an educational program designed to provide NCFI nurses, midwives and students with the knowledge and tools necessary for spiritual care.

On Sept. 18, the opening ceremony of the main conference itself was attended by the mayor and council of the municipality of Alpedrete and a large representation of different stakeholders and organizations collaborating in the conference, including FEREDE, CEM Foundation Fieldner, GBU and Mercy Ships.

The inaugural address was given by Dr. Carmen D. Medina Castilian (Spain) entitled "A Christian professional model" .

Every day we enjoyed a biblical exposition by Fernando Ramos (Spain) on the theme of “Believers in a Changing World " based in the Biblical book of Daniel and various plenaries that examined the past, present and future of comprehensive nursing care with exhibitions: "Where do we come from?” by Dr. Sonya Grypma (Canada), “Where are we now?” by Dr Barbara Parfitt (Scotland) and “Where are we going?” by Dr. Jacqueline Parkes (England).

Every evening we were able to access more than 20 seminars exploring many different issues with speakers of different nationalities.

We also made a tour to Madrid that gave us a moment of respite from such intense activity.

A Spanish evening in which we were able to show the culture and cuisine of our country are also welcome and really enjoyed by the people gathered there.

Finally on Sunday 21 the closing ceremony was led by the Rev. Dr Emmanuel Buch Cami with which we finished European Regional Meeting.

All presentations, lectures and seminars, both in Spanish and in English, will be published on this site in later editions so you can have the material that has been published and worked in this conference.

Just northwest of Madrid, Los Negrales is surrounded by mountains and easily accessible by public transport.  The ninth NCFI European Regional conference will be held here, at the Santa Maria conference centre from 18-22 September 2014, with excellent accommodation and conference facilities, set in beautiful grounds.

The conference theme focuses around the Christian contribution to holistic nursing through the centuries, and looks at some of the key challenges facing nursing and the opportunities and challenges for Christians seeking to bring a distinctive approach to the care of the whole person.

With a Spiritual Care Training of Trainers pre-conference running 17-18 September for any nurse concerned with developing skills in teaching spiritual care from a Christian perspective, this conference is a great opportunity for any Christian nurse to extend her/his skills, be spiritually challenged and encouraged, and to meet with Christian nurses from across Europe and beyond.

Scholarship programmes for nurses from lower income countries are available, and there is an early bird discount until the end of April.  You can now book using an online booking form as well.

Finally, there is a final call for papers, seminars, poster presentations and abstracts for the conference - please download the abstracts form, fill it in and email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

We look forward to seeing you with us in September!