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Hosted by 

The Departments of Nursing, and their Lectorate Ethics of Care Research Institute,  

of the   Christian University for Higher Professional Education,

Ede, The Netherlands and Reformed University for Higher Professional Education, Zwolle, The Netherlands


In cooperation with the

Prof.dr. G.A. Lindeboom Institute,

Christian center for medical ethics,

Ede, The Netherlands

Ethics and spirituality: the heart and soul of Christian nursing


The European Region of Nurses Christian Fellowship International invites Christian nurses and nursing students to the 7th European NCFI conference, to be held in Ede, the Netherlands, from August 22 – 26, 2006. The conference will be hosted by the nursing departments of the Christian University Ede, and the Reformed University of Zwolle, in cooperation with the Prof.dr. G.A. Lindeboom Institute, a Christian centre for medical ethics, in Ede, The Netherlands.



This four-day conference is a wonderful opportunity to meet with other Christian nurses and international speakers, and explore the heart and soul of the nursing profession: ethics and spirituality. It will enable nurses to share the relevance of biblical teaching to nursing practice so that they can be a Christian presence in health care.



God’s people, including nurses in Europe, often wonder what is required of their moral and spiritual life, including their professional life. In today’s health care, many complicated issues face nurses on a daily basis. Issues surrounding life and death, responsibility and power, religious diversity and personal commitment, quality and facilities of care – the list goes on. Through his prophet Zechariah, the Lord God reminds his people what he has told them: “Judge fairly and honestly, and show mercy and kindness to one another” (7:9) and again: “Tell the truth to each other. Render verdicts in your courts that are just and that lead to peace” (8:16). The conference explores the key themes of ethics, spirituality, and their context in nursing from the perspective of these scriptures. The importance of Truth, Justice, Peace, and Care for ethics and spirituality in nursing will be addressed.



In bible expositions, plenary addresses, elective sessions, and ample “corridor time”, participants will challenge and strengthen their Christian commitment as well as their professional knowledge base. Christian speakers (and writers) in the field of nursing contribute to this nourishing and stimulating event. Sessions in personal, clinical, academic and policy tracks, will develop the main themes. Supported by the departments of nursing at the Christian University Ede and the Reformed University Zwolle, a wider audience of nurses and nursing students will be invited to join the conference delegates in an open conference day session.



Opening address

Dr Ann Bradshaw, senior lecturer in clinical practice, Oxford Brookes University,  (England)

Bible expositions

Dr Pablo Martinez, psychiatrist, writer, bible explicitor, president of the Evangelical Alliance Spain, Barcelona (Spain)


Dr Dónal O’Mathúna, lecturer in healthcare ethics, school of nursing, Dublin City University (Ireland)


Dr Åshild Slettebø, lecturer in nursing and ethics, school of nursing, Oslo University (Norway)

Dr Bart Cusveller, lecturer in nursing and ethics, school of nursing, Christian University Ede (The Netherlands)


Grete Schärfe, clinical nurse (Denmark)

René van Leeuwen, lecturer in nursing and spiritual care, school of nursing, Christian University Ede (The Netherlands)


Dr Martha Highfield, professor of nursing, department of nursing, Cal State University (United States)


Dr Sue Allen, dean, school of health, University of Northampton (England)


Claudia Persa, clinical nurse (Romania)


Dr Henk Jochemsen, professor of ethics, Christian University Ede (The Netherlands)


During the conference, presentations and interactions will be in English. Limited facilities for translation in other languages are available.


Professional visits

Upon early arrival, professional visits will be arranged on Tuesday afternoon, to local health care facilities or nursing schools in the area.


Call for abstracts

Participants are invited to submit abstracts of presentations they may do in concurrent elective sessions, addressing some aspect of the conference theme. Presenters are expected to promote the cause of Christian nurses.

Please refer to the conference website for further details: www.ncfieurope.org. Please submit your abstract no later than March 1, 2006.



Limited funds are available in support of nursing students and nurses from countries with lower income. If you feel in need of support, please contact the chair of the European Committee of NCFI, Dr Barbara Parfitt ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ).

Others are kindly suggested to help support participation of nursing students and nurses from countries with lower income. Please consider a highly appreciated gift to the community of Christian nurses as early as possible. Please use the Lindeboom Instituut account, mentioning “support Euro2006”.


Conference center

The location of the conference center Belmont, is just outside of Ede. The address is Goorsteeg 66, NL-6718 TB Ede, www.hcc-belmont.nl.



The booking fee includes all accommodation, meals and conference costs from Tuesday afternoon, August 22, to Sunday morning August 26, 2006. It should be paid before June 1, 2006. After June 1, € 99 is added to all booking fees.

The booking fee should be paid to the ‘Stichting Prof.dr. G.A. Lindeboom Instituut’, Postbus 224, 6710 BE Ede, The Netherlands, Postbank account number 38.05.745. The booking fee is non-returnable after June 1st, 2006.

For booking fees see booking form.


Travel to Ede

From Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam), travellers are suggested to use the train to Ede-Wageningen railway station (about 1 hour, 13 euro). Transportation to the conference centre will be provided (see www.ns.nl). Make sure to  look for budget airlines and book well ahead.

Travellers by car find Ede just off the A12 motorway between the cities of Arnhem and Utrecht (see e.g. www.anwb.nl).

Further travel assistance will be provided upon request and after booking.



Conference coordinator:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

 A one day conference for student nurses, midwives and health professionals of all faiths.
Aims of the Conference:
  • Explore spiritual health needs primarily from a Christian perspective within a range of settings and circumstances.
  • Reflect on your own practice and resources to meet the spiritual needs of others.
  • Identify competencies for Spiritual Care.
Conference details:
The conference will be held on Friday 9 September 2005 from 9.30am to 4.00pm, at the University of Glamorgan's School of Care Sciences. A welcome reception will also be held on the evening of Thursday 8 September for conference attendees.
Registration commences at 9.30am on Friday 9 September 2005.
Welcome address
Exploring the Christian framework for spiritual care in Nursing, Midwifery and
the Care professions.

Key papers
A number of short key papers will be presented exploring the nature of spiritual care in different circumstances and conditions.

Reflective Workshops
An opportunity for students to share their experience of either giving spiritual care or their frustrations at not knowing quite what it means. An opportunity to reflect on how spiritual needs can be met and how we can equip ourselves to meet the spiritual needs of others.

The morning break will be held at 11.15am and lunch will be from 12.45pm to 1.45pm. The afternoon break will be at 4.00pm at which light refreshments will be served. Refreshments are all fair trade products.
The afternoon break will mark the closure of the conference and will provide delegates with the opportunity to talk with speakers.

Welcome reception
A welcome reception has been organised for 6.00pm on Thursday 8 September, to allow all attendees to meet prior to the conference. The welcome reception is an informal event that will provide you with the opportunity to network with other conference attendees. The cost of the welcome reception event is included within the conference fee.

Social events and professional visits
On Thursday 8 September there will be the opportunity to visit a local hospital and/ or birthing centre and on Friday evening, a visit to Cardiff Bay has been arranged. Transport to these events will be free but you will need to purchase your own lunch on Thursday and evening meal on Friday. An optional boat trip around Cardiff Bay will cost approximately £5. Please indicate on the booking form if you wish to take part in these events.

The University of Glamorgan is easily accessible, being just 20 minutes from Cardiff. Further information about travelling to the University will be supplied with your booking form or visit www.glam.ac.uk/visiting.

Accommodation is available at Glamorgan Halls of Residence at the cost of £20 per night / per person (this includes bed and breakfast).
The theme of the conference was Challenged to Care, A Christian perspective on nursing.
In the context of current global issues in nursing and health care, Gods perspective of caring was applied to four focus areas; care for the care giver, social and political impact of globalisation, paradigm shift in nursing practice and celebrating diversity. Tracks focusing on scholarship and leadership in nursing were also held.  Daily Bible Expositions and quiet time guides were provided The conference was well attended and run in a professional way.  For a number of people this was their first NCFI conference and the feedback was positive.  The spiritual and professional contents of the conference was recognised as well balanced with a standard of presentations.
The programme was very full but there was time for recreation with visits to special sights in the city and to local hospitals and universities.